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This will be the primary resource for my campaign setting, and it's here I will post all information on my campaign setting (minus a couple of comment threads on the forum).

An important thing to note is that Broken Verge is still very much a work in progress, and even when i do post something, it's likely that it will be changed frequently until such a time that i can't find more to be discontent with (however unlikely that may be).


Current Status

  • Rebuilding the wiki. Until further notice is given, consider it to be under reconstruction. - 24/10/2010
  • Races and countries have been updated in part. 25/10/2010

Setting Stat-block

Title: Broken Verge

System: As of yet undetermined. Eventually something homemade.

Theme: Everything changes

Tone: East-European Religious Renaissance Sciencepunk

Inspirations: (Pseudo-)Science, religions, and philosophy, Unhallowed Metropolis and Eberron RPG's, Gone-Away World, China Mieville's works, and many other things

Technology: Early renaissance with plenty of anachronisms

Religion: Faith-philosophies, creeds, pantheons, and cults (and no walking gods)

Magic: Word-conjuring reifiers, preternatural singers, avatars of the unlikely and a few others

Ecology/Races: Mostly humans, but there are a few odd creatures who live side by side with them.

Cosmology: Our world is keyed by the cold gates to the place known as the Box. The World of Forms is accessed by some.

Geography: Raging seas and 4 continents: one decadent, one in war, one cursed, and one broken.

Points of Interest: Black Pearl of the North, Pasgoley-in-Rebirth, the Setchic Wasteland,

10 Words: Bad weather, thaumaturgy, philosophy, the grotesque, the written word, conspiracies, end-times, ideologies, choices, madness


A continent abandoned by many, Besmakia is a land of untamed nature, mad faiths, sinister science and blood-spattered snow. Torn apart over centuries in wars for iron and gold, Besmakia remains a land in the making; a place of opportunity where a person can still leave his mark.

It is a home at the edge of the world, a place for mercenaries, prophets, and lunatics who gather in the brooding cityscapes between foreboding mountains and labyrinthine woods, all set under the bleak sun of the north. It is a land where tradition and superstition vie for power against revolution and dogma, and monsters walk the streets and prowl the forests.


Amalgams and Admixtures

Just like in alchemy, things in the world are made up of parts in more sense than one. This world consists of combinations and permutations, some natural some more experimental.

Transmutation and Revolution

Panta Rhei. Everything flows. The world is not static, but rather has ebbs and floods like the tide. Few things are forever and everything can change; children turn into grown men, revolutions overturn kingdoms, and alchemy remakes the world as we know it.

Identity and Meaning

From the reifiers to the Melek, much of this world is about identity: the schism between what you are and what you think you are. This also extends to words themselves. Do they mean something by themselves or is it only because we imbue them with meaning and purpose?

Things i want to achieve

  • 1) Credibility: Make a natural world that doesn't seem "forced"
  • 2) Metaphysics: Make magic a natural, consistent and credible, but not too obvious, part of the world
  • 3) Originality: Stay away from common fantasy staples, such as elves, dwarves and all-powerful dragons and gods
  • 4) Strangeness: Include twisted versions of as many philosophical concepts and failed scientific concepts as possible
  • 5) Accesibility: Create a system to go with it

Comments and criticism

If there are significant mistakes in the text, or if anything is worded oddly, i would be glad to receive helpful comments or quick text-fixes. I'm not the most organized of types, so changes to the world might not always be reflected in previous posts. Praise boosts my work morale a good deal, so it is always welcome as well. If there are things that seem bland or unoriginal, please tell me; I strive to make this as interesting as i possibly can, and i have changed it often so nothing is set in stone. Creative ideas or inspirations that you happen to come up with can be sent my way as well if you feel like helping out. I'm also no good with drawing or wiki fu, so if you have skills in those areas I could use banners, illustrations, badges and menus. (or links to how-to guides)


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