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Welcome to Cebegia, the community built setting. A place where ideas are bounced around, twisted merged, loved, and hated hopefully creating a setting that is fun and exciting.

Discussions can be found in the [CeBeGia World Forum]. So if you have ideas or suggestions, please stop by input is always welcomed.

Core Ethos


The Summary Written by Natural 20 and amended by Ishmayl

In the new world, there is a single large and stable country, most likely a tyranny of some sort, it's benevolence is questionable. This tyranny occupies the majority, if not all of a large landmass. This tyranny also possesses a "regular" fantasy religion, a polytheistic single pantheon of deities pictured as very powerful humanoid beings.

This tyrranical government is actually a re-emergence of sorts of an ancient empire. Think of the Roman empire, 500 years after its fall, trying to come back to life. There will be parts of the continent that accept the rule, and parts that don't. And much of the middle ground will be barrens, wilderness, ruins, and dangerous territory.

A group of city-states lies across some sort of separative barrier, like a strait, desert, or mountain range. These city-states, although culturally, physically, and politically divided have a sort of cohesive bond because of their shared religion. These people, referred to as "barbarians" by the mainland/tyranny, worship creatures/monsters of great size and power, currently called Totems.

This setting has a conflict of religon, civilization vs. the wilderness, and reality vs. faith.

Core vs Homebrewed


The community setting will be created using the SRD/OGL, with a few homebrewed elements such as races, classes, etc... peppered in for flavor.



Each member building a civilization will be able to select what races are dominant in the region they are creating. These may be races from the OGL as well as a few homebrewed races.

In the Empire humans are the dominant race, though the other races are given some rights, they can never hold a position higher than a true born son or daughter of the Empire.

Currently there are:
0 Forbidden races
0 Homebrewed races

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