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Kalthaezuk, Age of Dragons

In many settings, such as WotC's Eberron, there has been a past age were the common races of the world had been ruled by dragonkind. In Kalthaezuk, that age is not long past. The Age of Dragons is now.


Bahamut: Overlord of the good dragons. Primary god of good. Tiamat: Overlord of the evil dragons. Primary god of evil. Gygaxil: Overlord of all dragons, father of Bahamut and Tiamat. Gygaxil is neutral, and is worshipped by almost all cultures as a general god.


The races available to play in Kalthaezuk are Humans, High Elves, Wood Elves, Stonekin, Halfmen, Half-Dragon, Kobold. In most cultures, the dragons are the members of the royal brood, with half-dragons functioning much like nobles, kobolds coming up as either lower nobility or high middle class. All other subjects, such as humans or stonekin, are usually slaves in evil cultures or peasants/merchants in good cultures.

Types of Dragons

Gold dragons: These dragons have an air of regality about them, and although devoted to Bahamut's cause, still beleive in their superiority over non-dragons. Gold dragons are one of the larger types, and have a breath weapon of holy damage. Chrome dragons: These dragons are the true servants of Tiamat. They enslave any non-dragon, and wreak havok upon the world. They have a breath weapon that deals sonic, cold, fire, acid, and electricity damage.


Because of the heavy influences of the dragon overlords, there is a high respect and concentration on casters. Martial classes are held in a lesser regard, and trickster classes even lower (such as the rogue). Most of this depends on the type of dragon overlord.


Everlasting Plane of Dragonkind

This is the center of the Everlasting Plane of Dragonkind, where the major deities of Kalthaezuk reside. Continual warfare exists between Bahamut and Tiamat on this plane, with Gygaxil constantly straining ot acheive peace. Good aligned travelers arrive inside the Mountains of the Ordained, neutral travelers in the Sanctuary of Gygaxil, and evil travelers in the Desolate Wastes of the Condemned.