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*Now RETIRED Setting*


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The Discworld of Tu'loras; a simple place of complex designs, meant to hark back to the origins of fantasy cliches and troups and accept them. Classic roleplaying fantasy reinvented with verssimalitude and syncretism in mind, Tu'loras has been updated to the Pathfinder system. It has also been built using its own set of home-rules for hit location, wounds, combat skills and armor as well as Metamagic Components and Incantations from Unearthed Arcana for extra detail and immersion.

The Discworld of Tu'loras is as implied at flat Disc remanence of Classic 80's medieval fantasy. Magic is kept to older conventions of great heights but rare occurance. Great magical cities, flying ships, and ancient megaliths dot the Disc far and few between. In small pockets technology has risen past the medieval convention into the early renaissance, while some advanced civilizations touch the industrial revolution with the help of magic. This has led to the development of a new Core set of Dieties ment to combine and emulate as many familiar religions as possible with the fewest possible pantheons and gods. However the one largest addition is twenty five different sentiant races for PC and NPC use, all are familiar favorites balanced for play. Now Orcs, Goblins, and Centaurs are no longer monsters; the name monster is now reserved for the bad things that go bump in the night.

3rd Edition Forgotten Realms introduced the character creation mechanic of character region. Tu'loras has its own version of character packages called "Homelands" specifically tailored to the different regions found on the Disc. Most RPGs ask players to select their race and class first, in Tu'loras I recommend players first choose their alignment and then their race and class, in that order.

Setting Stat-Block

Title: Discworld

System: Pathfinder + Attack Location, Wounds by damage type, Weapon Group Feats, Homelands, 26 Races, New Alignments

Theme/Tone: Classic Fantasy, Gritty, Epic

Inspirations: Forgotten Realms, Warhammer, LOTR, Dragon Age, Osprey Military Books, Harnworld, Terry Prachett's Discworld, Princess Mononoke, Ninja Scroll.

Technology: Majority of the Disc is late to middle dark ages. Some areas reach the renaissanse or early industrial revolution.

Religion: The Old Religion of the seven Gods of Law, represent the foundation of civilization. The persecuted religion of the elements and the new clults of the newly ascended.

Magic: Comes from the fact that the world is accually the five elemental planes stacked together and locked in stasis. Magic is the art of releasing the elements from its prison. Taught to the Dragsons first and then the other races by the ELC.

Ecology/Races: 26 Sentiant races populate the Disc.

Cosmology: The Disc is surrounded by the Sigil, city of the gods and...

Geography: Its a Disc... and its breaking apart.

Points of Interest:

10 Words:

Creating a Character

Information for creating a character for play on Discworld can be found here.

Magic in Tu'loras

Pathfinder Standard spells, schools, and domains but also Metamagic Componants, Spellpoints or Recharge magic and Incantations from Unearth Arcana.

Combat in Tu'loras

Hit location, Wounds by Location, Armour Pieces by location. Weapon Group Feats, Armour Feats based on weight.

The Gods and Other Worlds

The Material Planes, known as the Disc of Tu’loras or just the Disc, is actually the four elemental planes locked in a static prison by the Gods. Atop is the Plane of Air; underneath it are the intermingled Planes of Water and Earth with the Plane of Fire at the bottom. The former rulers of the elemental planes of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, The Elemental Lords have been imprisoned along with their planes. Over time they have regained much of their former power used to expel the Gods, and now have the power to start freeing their planes. This is slowly tearing Tu'loras apart and due to the chaotic nature of the Lords, and possible outside influences this process could take eons, millenniums or less than a year.

Under the growing influence of chaos the races have fragmented into many. Now the Disc is a cornucopia of races and species all living with each other. Despite all the external powers, some individuals have been elevated to Godhood by an unknown power. Paragons to their Race, these Demigods have great influence within their own race, but influence in other races is rare.

The Elemental Lords (of Chaos)


Great Old Ones (of Law)


Saints and Angels (of Good)

Saints and Angels

Demons and Devils (of Evil)

Demons and Devils

The Immortals (Demi-Gods)



Creation Legend

Discworld Timeline

Geographic Regions

Temp List: Rhime Emun Sea