Echoes of Dreams

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I dreamed a world that dreamt of me
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Are we now more awake than we have ever been?
All that is made falls away,
Mountains crumble, seas dry, stars burn cold,
And our dreams ring hollow in these empty halls,
And still, a question remains: what is it we struggle for?
The question, it haunts us, torments us, and ennobles us.
We are trapped in futile motion in this cosmic dance.
Our world is bathed in blood and a sea of tears,
Tantamount to the last breath of dying stars,
An endless dance of twilight Dreams.
And what world do we bequeath the future?
Our deeds, our time, our failures,
They echo through eternity.
Can we drown in our memories as they wash over us,
Remembering all that never was?
We betrayed ourselves,
In the Darkness we wrought our world,
We watched it ravaged in fire and nightmare,
And we are swept away in the tribulation,
Powerless to surmount raging eternities of pain and despair,
As the last remnant of hope lies in the quiescence beneath this tide.
In the tides I see it all,
All the blood and Dreams swept away in the torrent,
Broken like waves upon the rocky shore.
As I gaze upon all that lies before me,
I cannot help but weep for the future, my love,
For this, is the only world we are given.
-Viljian, Last Wielder of the Crest of Light, Champion of Dreams

Two worlds are one. Roaa is the world of men. Zoein, a distorted mirror of Roaa, is the world of faeries. There was a time when men could dream themselves to Zoein and faeries could dream themselves to Roaa. That time is a thousand years past. The glories and sins of the Ancients are faded and the time when man lived alongside faerie has become folklore.

But every fairytale holds at least a little truth. What has been may come again. Men and faeries live and die. Dreams are the ephemeral eternity.

The Echoes of Dreams (EoD) is a fantasy roleplaying game (RPG) which takes place on the fairytale world of Roaa. The game is designed to play out like an interactive fairytale, with each player acting out the role of one character, or hero. One player, called the storyteller (ST), takes the role of the narrator and referee. The ST controls the dialog and actions of all the non-player characters (NPCs).

Roaa and Zoein

Roaa is a flat world, sitting on a disc, with Zoein a mirror on the underside, warped into a surreal dream. Magic is common enough to elicit no comment; most heroes in the setting will cast spells or have supernatural powers. Roaa is a pseudo-Medieval world, where humans and animals live. The world grows warmer as one draws nearer the edge; the edge of land is called the Tropical Rim. Once Zoein was severed from Roaa, but now it can once again be reached through dreams. Zoein is the faerie world, and faeries and monsters can dream themselves onto Roaa.


All living beings in EoD are embodied by one of six elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Light, or Shadow. It affects what abilities you can learn, what skills you are best at, even your physical characteristics and personality (though these are only guidelines). You cannot tell someone’s element just by looking at them, and it is considered rude to ask. In military situations, however, it is often vital information. This is because each element has an opposite, and a character is most effective against their opposite element, while they are less likely to injure their own element.