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A note from the author

This is a work in progress for the time being.

Kallir is a fantasy world, full of magic but not in the traditional sense. Magic exists in a physical form; runectar. The wizards of Kaliir aren't like the wizards you may know from other settings in that they can't directly manipulate magic, they are more or less alchemists capable of creating wondrous things with runectar. Kaliir embraces the "Magic as Technology" concept- runectar powers devices from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Because runectar exists in a physical form in the world, it is every bit as, if not more, sought after then the most precious of metals. Also, because it exists in the physical world, it can have strange effects on the flora, fauna, and very earth in its immediate vicinity.

Introduction to Kaliir



Humans, like in most settings, live short but eventful lives. They can be found just about anywhere in the world that is easily defensible. The kingdoms of Raktigor and Nera are their largest holdings.

The Geode were created shortly after the birth of the world; when the wards set in place by the gods first transformed magical energy into runectar. That primordial runectar fused with the earth it touched and from it sprang a race of sentient beings. The Geode can most easily be compared with the Dwarves of other settings, but they are literally living earth and stone. It was the Geode who first learned the art of shaping runectar and this Shaping forms the foundation of their political and religious beliefs.

Elves are a relatively young race compared to humans and geode. Their exact origins remain a mystery, but they are assumed by most to be the result of human expeditions into the Fey Marches, a large swampy forest that covers most of the eastern part of the continent and is heavily steeped in runectar flows.

Geography and Climate

The known geography of Kaliir consists of one large continent with many small islands off it's coasts. On this continent can be found every type of climate, and most are right where they should be. Every so often an vein of runectar can cause radical climate changes in an area; such as an arid desert in the middle of a swamp or vice-versa. The continent is divided into many kingdoms, the most prominentof which are the Holy Raktigorian Empire in the northwest, the leaderless and lawless region known as Nera in the south central area, and the large black forest-swamp which is home to the savage and uncivilized Elves.

To the southwest of the main continent lies the smaller continent of Kaasmidor. This is considered the "home" of the Geode race, though they live all over the planet in deep underground cities.

Economy and Technology

Runectar is a major driving force for most of the economics on Kaliir. Caravans constantly travel the countryside peddling both the raw material and infused objects. Huge mining operations can be found over rich Runectar veins, and many times such veins are hotly contested resources. Technology is not the norm for this kind of setting due to the existence of runectar. The technology of Kaliir has a very "steampunk meets magic" feel to it. All sorts of interesting gadgets can be found running entirely one runectar-supplied energy. Many city guards patrols include golems animated through runectar, and there are even said to be entire ships held aloft in the air by the magical substance. While technology is very advanced compared to other fantasy settings, there is no electricity save the occasional thunderstorm. Because runectar exists, technology has branched in a more magical direction than electronic.

Politics Overview

Politics are largely straightforward on Kaliir, depending on the kingdom. The Geode freely come and go between their realms and the surface, though outsiders are treated with suspicion in the Deep Below. The elves guard their borders closely and avoid all contact with outsiders lest their "pure" ways be contaminated. Raktigor is a kingdom of virtue and honor, while in Nera the only rule is that there are no rules. Over the centuries, Raktigor and Nera have come into conflict more than once. This usually occurs when someone with enough charisma manages to rally the population of Nera and whips them into a jealous rage over how good life seems in Raktigor. The elves constantly skirmish with any who tread too close to their borders, and the Geode tend to have their own issues with the other denizens of the Deep Below and don't have much time for surface wars.