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Welcome to Pirates, an oceanic setting for the d20 system. This setting is focused on high seas adventure of larcenous intent, and will feature many exciting and fascinating places to explore, people to visit, sights to view, and then plunder all of them for material gain. This game will be low magic in the sense that no one throws around fireballs or mutters some words and flies or offers a quick prayer and shiny stone to bring back the dead, but it will be high magic in the sense that creatures of legend roam the high seas, shamanistic rituals summon forth vengeful spirits, angry deities can drag a ship to the briny deep, curses can grant a man tremendous power for an unspeakable price, and similar. Ghost ships, kraken, undead, faeā€¦all are real threats the doubloon-seeking men and women who turn to piracy, as well as the more mundane threats of imperial navies and, of course, other pirates.

The geography and terrian of the world of Pirates.
The history of the world.
The political entities of Pirates.
From the Seven Hells to Davy Jones' Locker, the planes and divine of Pirates.
The playable races of Pirates
The faiths and beliefs of Pirates
The workings of Occult powers in Pirates.
Legend and Myth
The origins of the world and the beings that inhabit it.
Ships, cannons, guns, and more: the technology of Pirates.
The scourges of the deep and the beasts that roam the land.
Available PC and NPC classes in Pirates.
Optional and New Rules
New mechanical goodies for Pirates players.
OGL and Credits
The Open Gaming License and Credits of Pirates.