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Real Name: {{{realname}}}
Location: {{{location}}}
Theme Wars: {{{themewars}}}
Influences: {{{influences}}}


Active: {{{activeprojects}}}
Completed: {{{completedprojects}}}
Inactive: {{{inactiveprojects}}}


Book: {{{book}}}
Movie: {{{movie}}}
Band: {{{band}}}
Settings: {{{settings}}}
Game Systems: {{{gamesystems}}}
Favorite System: {{{system}}}



</div> </div> </div>


Copy this box and replace anything behind the "equals (=)" sign. Anything you choose to leave blank, you need to delete the default text.

| name= user name
| realname= real name
| location= where you live
| influences= what influences your work
| themewars= Theme Wars affiliation
| activeprojects= what you're doing
| completedprojects= what you've done/abandoned
| inactiveprojects= what's on hold
| book= favorite books
| movie= favorite movies
| band= favorite bands
| gamesystems= game systems you know
| system= favorite system
| settings= CBG settings you follow
| userfluff= {{User_fluff_lore-1}} or 2-4
| usercrunch= {{User_crunch_lore-1}} or 2-4
| userbox1= next userbox
| userbox2= next userbox
| userbox3= next userbox