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This is the page where we are working on wiki-wide templates (or even personal templates, if you choose) and we request help from those of you who are more wikisavvy than we. :) --Ishmayl 10:40, 4 April 2008 (EDT)

Template:OGL - To let readers know if a page is OGL or not.

Template:Guild_Superheroes - To link the Guild Superheroes pages together.

Template:SuperheroDescription - To give information about a superhero (feel free to prettify and enhance)

Template:Superhero2 - An alternative to the above SuperheroDescription - we'll settle on a standard one once we do a bit more work.

Setting_Infobox - A template half-way created by Eclipse to show relationships between all campaign settings on wiki. Could be fun to maintain.



Template:TemProtect - Need to find a way to set this up on a few templates

Template:Main - Allows users to redirect to a Main article.

Template:Location - Allows a right-floated infobox for locations in campaign settings.