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Futuristic city gangs having turf wars over scavenging rights, fought with kung fu and steel pipes. That kicks ass. -- Luminous Crayon

Theme Song

The Urban Isolation game setting takes place in a world different than our own. Great social upheaval, followed by conflict and alterations in social ethics, resulted in a massive re-urbanization period. The aftermath of this great feat was the megacities, nine self-ruling states that are run by powerful oligarchies.

While the world still lives, humanity is bound to cities. Millions of souls are born, live and die within the enclosed confines of these hives and can never leave them. The governments of these city-states, who owe no true allegiance to anyone but themselves, propagate tales of hideous mutant and savage creatures dwelling just beyond the protected hinterlands, and control the only means of escape from the city.

The streets are close places where a cacophony of stimuli are found. Food vendors, government and private alike, fill the air with hundreds of smells to compete with the stench of ozone from passing rail cars. Voices, thousands of them, assault the ears. In the best of places, companionship and merriment can be found. In the worst of places, gangs rule and violence keeps sanity at bay.

The city lives...



  • Near absolute Government control of resources and distribution
  • Demophobia
  • Teratophobia
  • Socialism
  • Control
  • Illusion of choice

The Megapoli

A stylized image of a city from high up.
A stylized image of a city from high up.

There are 9 autonomous megacity states in the world. Each of these cities rule themselves, and are under no obligation to allow the policy of any other city to influence it, except where decided at "Urbinational" meetings. Each city state also controls a regulated area of land outside of its limits. These zones stretch for miles and miles, with very little if any space between them. They are called "hinterlands", and are almost unused, save for mining efforts. A vast majority of held lands are empty, overgrown by the nature mankind has forsaken.

The cities are isolated from each other, as long ago an intercity meeting decided to destroy all easy access to other cities. This isolation is a method of controlling and entrapping the population, as each megacity state has had problems with preventing "population leak". The few bits of intercity trade are done by powerful VTOL air craft and massive zeppelin. By law, no civilian can board these craft, and all trade is handled by government officials.

Individual megacity states will eventually show up here. If the setting proves popular in play, then as much information as I have created will end up in the appropriate city setting.

For my first campaign, the date is: 264AP

Game Mechanics

Urban Isolation uses the d20 Modern core ruleset, with a few bits and bobs borrowed from the Apocalypse, Blood and Fist, Future, Past and supplement books. In fact, the setting was originally conceived because of the Blood and Fist book; this author was impressed by the amount of work involved (regardless of flaws) and decided a kung-fu kind of campaign set in a pseudo-futuristic city would be fun. Subsequently, the entirety of that book is open in an ideal Urban Isolation campaign.

Basic Classes and Occupations

Basic Classes

  • Strong (d20 Core)
  • Fast (d20 Core)
  • Tough (d20 Core)
  • Smart (d20 Core)
  • Dedicated (d20 Core)
  • Charismatic (d20 Core)


  • Academic (d20 Core)
  • Adventurer (d20 Core)
  • Aristocrat (d20 Past)
  • Athlete (d20 Core)
  • Blue Collar (d20 Core)
  • Creative (d20 Core)
  • Criminal (d20 Core)
  • Dilettante (d20 Core)
  • Drifter (d20 Future)
  • Doctor (d20 Core)
  • Emergency Services (d20 Core)
  • Entrepreneur (d20 Core)
  • Gladiator (d20 Future)
  • Heir (d20 Future)
  • Impoverished (d20 Past)
  • Investigative (d20 Core)
  • Law Enforcement (d20 Core)
  • On the Run (d20 Past)
  • Outcast (d20 Future)
  • Religious (d20 Core)
  • Scavenger (d20 Future)
  • Servant (d20 Past)
  • Student (d20 Core)
  • Technician (d20 Core)
  • Transporter (d20 Future)
  • White Collar (d20 Core)

Advanced Classes

The availability of advanced classes varies from city to city and setting to setting. An exhaustive list would take some time. Additionally, it has been said that many advanced classes are very poorly done.

Important Links

Earth, the game world. This article contains some more in depth information regarding the city states as a whole.