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Disclaimer: Any similarity to actual events or persons living, dead (or undead) is purely coincidental. The distributor of material herein accepts no responsibility for viewer blindness, inflammation of the Pancreas, laughing oneself to death or the emptying of one's bowels over one's instrument of backside renewal and/or comfort. The posting of certain informative messages upon the distributor's Talk Page is explicitly encouraged.
It's highly likely that I have far too much time on my hands...
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Creator of Memory Fading original campaign setting.
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Wiki Overkill
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This user has been mistaken for a vampire on at least one occasion.


About Me

Real Name: Sir Brandon Daggerhart, Overlord of the CBG

Location: Triad of North Carolina

Gaming Books: All D&D Core Rulebooks, MM I - IV, Manual of the Planes, Tome of Magic, FRCS, FR: Silver Marches, FR: Lost Empires of Faerun, Eberron CS, Eberron - Sharn: City of Towers, Midnight 2E, Midnight: Against the Shadow, Midnight: Crown of Shadow, Midnight: City of Shadow, Midnight: Sorcery and Shadow, Midnight: Fury of Shadow Box Set, Midnight: Forge of Shadow, Wheel of Time d20, Codex of Erde, and volumes of 2E AD&D stuff that is in a closet.

Musical Interests: Playing Piano and Drums, Listening to Dave Matthews Band, Counting Crows, Ben Folds, old jazz, Romantic-era piano.

User Account Created: 29 July 2006

Favorite Word: Swell