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The official campaign setting of the Quilt City OgresWEB

Valgora is a pseudo-civilized world which mimics a greco-middle-age earth. The planet exists on the material plane and is home to every imaginable race in existence, and even some that are unknown. A land of ancient peace, war is a distant memory for most but a vastly approaching reality for all as long-rooted political corruption and deception become apparent. Valgorian adventurers are often curious as to what tomorrow's uncertainty will bring, and generally a pleasant bunch. Adventurers in this setting are of the first breed of new warriors for the common good (or harbingers of the greater evil) and as such will find quick fame, hard-fought and learned battle skills, and an ever-lasting love for their companions.

Valgora, condensed, is a world of endless beauty and peace, but this peace is on the verge of breaking. Citizens are turning towards adventurers and travelers to protect them, and in return, they offer unyielding loyalty and support.

Player Information

Player's Handbook
Advice on Creating Characters
The many races of Valgora.
Laws and Honor Codes
Typical laws of most lands.
Equipment Compendium
Valgorian items and equipment
Tome of Magic
Player's guide to valgorian magic
Military Compendium
Valgora for the military minded
Waste Walker's Handbook
A player's guide to life in the desert.
Seafarer's Handbook
The Seafarer & ocean dweller's guidebook
Planewalker's Handbook
A guidebook for players traversing Valgorian planes

World Reference

The history of Valgora.

About Valgora

Manual of the Planes
Information on the cosmology of Valgora
Valgorian Pantheon
Gods and other Immortals
Organizations and Societies
Notable Groups, Companies, and Organizations in Valgora.
This is the who's who of Valgora.

Running Valgora

Dungeon Master's Guide
Advice for implementing a valgorian campaign
Monster Manual
Savage Species of Valgora
Unearthed Arcana
Alternative rules and options for valgorian campaigns
Adventure Hooks
These adventure hooks are set in the Valgora setting.
The maps and geographic layout of Valgora

Valgora on D&Dwiki

About this Project
Basic info about the project
Adding to Valgora
About helping out.
Valgorian Image Collection
Collection of images used in the Valgora campaign pages
Things To Do