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The Wonders, the Mysteries

The waters washed up on the shores of the Daemonsea, flowing over salt-encrusted helmets and half-rotted bodies from the battle earlier that day. A tribe of Arrumani wandered amongst the dead, stripping their bodies of things of value. Some of the corpses they left untouched, though. The huge, hulking forms, already half-gone, showing the outlines of wings, or the huge, emptied suits of golden armour, runes crumbling away. Light blazed on a horizon, somewhere, the sun was dropping. The tribe looked up, and then returned to their scavenging.

The eldritch lord stood in his tower, a ball of light in one hand. The glow remained constant, showing him the book clutched in one hand. He looked up, watching the sun lower through the clouds, and the orb warped from existence. He cursed, and rubbed his forehead, reestablishing the light. Below him, the servants moved to their beds.

Somewhere in the dark lands, the Hem cried as he drew his heavy Kopez. Glaring up at the sun one last time through his tears, he charged, whirring the blade through the air towards the enemy that came to meet him. "Ni swa!" His blood stained the sands with that of his opponent, locked in the last embrace.

The Duer-sword Gaani looked across the hall and wondered again whether the Seven would ever once be unified. Through the great window, the last light of day shone, glinting... he felt for the blade for which he was named, and smiled. It had been a long day, but the Elders still had much to discuss.

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The Wonders, the Mysteries is a campaign setting of politics, intrigue, holy war, gods, goddesses, heretical rituals and a deep desire, over all, for destruction of the force that has held the Homelands of the Hariij Empire for many years. Set in the Tandhus Archipelago, Humans are not native to this world, and are in the minority amongst the free Races, whilst Elves form a vast, diverse diaspora of slaves, refugees and freedmen. Magic is a powerful force to be used or abused at the wielder's cost. Read on!