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Hello, and welcome to the tutorial page. The information here is a combination of instructions on how to effectively use the wiki editor to post your content, as well as some notes and tips on any quirks you may run into. All of the following sections correspond to one or more buttons on the editor bars, but syntax for manual formatting has been included for completeness (and so that you don't have to try it all out on your own :) ).

General Notes

  • It is almost always easier to format your content by writing it first, then highlighting sections and clicking the appropriate buttons (e.g. bold, no wiki formatting, etc.)
  • Disambiguation for pages is currently a work-in-progress. Please make a note to label setting-specific content with your setting name, e.g. "thecbg.org/wiki/Races_(Fractal_Galaxy)" rather than just "thecbg.org/wiki/Races", so that we can facilitate proper disambiguation pages and so that your pages won't have to be relocated by an administrator.
  • The "Random Page" functionality is currently broken.

Creating a Table of Contents

Adding a TOC to your page is as simple as adding the following at the top of the wiki document:


This will pick up any headings you add to the page for easier navigation (see below).

Bold and Italic

'''example text''' gets you example text
''example text'' gets you example text

Line Breaks

If you want to force text to be broken across a newline, you can use the <br> formatting (the button to the right of the "No wiki formatting" button). Examples:

This text is bolded and
broken across two lines


There are five heading options of varying sizes that can help in dividing your content, listed as "Level 2" through "Level 5" in the Heading drop-down, as well as the title heading. The latter is normally reserved only for page titles (e.g. the all-caps "TUTORIAL" at the top of this page), but if you would like to use it multiple times, you can wrap your text like so: = Heading 1= . Keep in mind that any headings you add to your page will show up in the page's Table of Contents, if you add one.


There are two kinds of lists available: "Bulleted" and "Numbered":

  • Bulleted lists are denoted by "*" characters;
  • Numbered lists are denoted by "#" characters.

Note that numbered lists will indent further than bulleted lists:

  1. Numbered list indentation
  • Bulleted list indentation

The No Wiki Formatting Button

If you want to avoid formatting for any reason, wrap the text like this:

<nowiki> = This heading won't be formatted = </nowiki>

This is how much of the formatting on this tutorial page is exposed.

Big, Small, Superscript, and Subscript

These are pretty self-explanatory. Note that you can nest them if you want to make large text without using Headings:

  • <big>big</big> gets you big
  • <big><big>big big</big></big> gets you big big
  • '''<big><big>big big</big></big>''' gets you big big

Images and Other Embedded Files

For now, images can be embedded in the page using the "Embedded file" button, or by using the following syntax:

[[File:<filename.jpg>|<format>|<alignment> (optional)|<description>]]

For example, the syntax for the logo below is [[File:CBG.png|thumb|center|The CBG Logo]]

The CBG Logo

The available formats are "thumb", "framed", "frameless", and "none". Note that you may need to use the newline tool to clean up your formatting if you embed images, as otherwise the text you write may be placed adjacent to it.

Links and References

The link box will make it easy to reference other pages in your setting. When using the "To a Wiki Page" option, you can start typing something (e.g. "Races_(Fractal_Galaxy)" and it should provide you with autocomplete options. Examples:

[[Races (Fractal Galaxy)]] gets you:
Races (Fractal Galaxy)

[http://www.google.com Google] gets you:


The Table button lets you specify a number of rows and columns to add, which must then be filled out manually. Note that by default, the "Add Header Row" option should be enabled.

No unformatted example is given here, as it shows up poorly in the "nowiki" format.

Header one Header two Header three
row one, column one row one, column two row one, column three bolded
row two, column one superscript row two, column two Generic Setting

Sortable tables are also possible:

Header one Header two Header three
row one, column one row one, column two row one, column three bolded
row two, column one superscript row two, column two Generic Setting