Fractal Galaxy

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The year is 2457 AD, or 93.6M GT (Gate Time). Humanity is slowly but consistently spreading among the stars through the seemingly-endless Darkspace Network, a relic of an absent Precursor species that allows a mysterious but stable means of faster-than-light travel. Having been cut off from the human home system of Sol and its immediate neighbors, the species has made tenuous allegiances with a few alien races - the combined presence of which has raised more questions than answers and inspired new fields of research around the origins of life, the universe, and Those From Before. Although humanity as a total population has been split far and wide between the Oudenic Union (a successor to the Terrestrial Union of Sol and its neighboring Darkspace Nodes), the Eternal Empire, and a variety of smaller factions and supercorporations, the accepted "home world" of humanity is now Unity Nine, a gargantuan artificial structure controlled by the former, and housing 11 billion people located near the heart of what is known as the 3rd Cluster.