Posthumanity (Fractal Galaxy)

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Posthumanity (Velatyr in Tetrbyr synth-speak) is a futuristic version of contemporary humanity, spread out across thousands of under-mapped and under-reported star systems, with an average SYNI (SYNthetic Index) of 17%. They live among a small number of other lifeforms that are of similar advancement, but sometimes drastically different perceptual capacities and objectives; as well as a variety of ANARENTs and bioengineered beings.


The Great Exodus

The Great Exodus was a sudden and brief migration event taking place in 2217 CE, during the Second Vorovkian Invasion on the Sol system. In the rapid loss of control of the system that followed the attack, a small number of evacuation ships ferrying two million people from Earth, along with six million more from Mars and the outlying stations and colonies, set a high-burn trajectory for the newly-discovered Darkspace Node, activating the gate and launching into the two most promising of nodes on the other side. With the Vorovka Annihilators closing in on the stream of escaping ships and the Node, those who had already passed through made the devastating decision to destroy the link from the other, more fractured end, resulting in the loss of the Sol system, the breaking of the link between the two unevenly-split human populations remaining, and the presumed death of tens of billions. The Break is a pivotal and traumatic event in Posthuman history, serving as a marker for a fresh start as well as the transition point from the Interplanetary Age to the Posthuman Age.