Races (Fractal Galaxy)

The Milky Way, it seems, is home to a modest number of solutions to what was once the Fermi Paradox, although humanity might wish some of them didn't exist. The Joint Corpo-Nations Partnership, Halov Corporation, and the Eternal Empire (collectively known as the League of Expansionists) all feature populations that are mostly Velatyr (human), Khodic (reptilian), ANARENT (ANthropomorphic ARtificial ENTities), or Tetrbyr (grays), which are all humanoid, and of which only half are considered Starmade. The Oudenic Union, Free Worlds of Nimbiac, Green Star Industries, and The Synthetic Otherhood each feature additional species that the aforementioned factions are generally hostile towards for xerophobic and astrophobic reasons. The nature of the Darkspace Network, however, means that new entities are occasionally still encountered - usually from great distances.

The Starmade

Velatyr (Posthumans)

  • Self-explanatory
  • Most now feature some degree of bioengineering or synthetic enhancement, up to a total body percentage

Tetrbyr (Grays)

  • Aliens of human superstition
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Minimal interaction. Faction participation involves
  • 8" tall on average
  • Large, bulbous, black eyes
  • Three-digit hands

B'kseer (Toadlikes)

  • Humanoid frog-like beings dwelling in hydrocarbon-based environments


  • Feared ultra-hostile race of superslugs-in-exoskeletons

Vhaum (Thundersquid)

  • Giant jellyfish-like beings that live in electrically-charged pods in the warm zones of gas giants, with some ability to traverse vacuum

Synthetics, Artificials, and Lab Experiments


  • Catch-all for fully-synthetic artificial humanoids
  • Some ancient generations had a great schism and left to form a remote faction

Tetrymsa (Moglins)

  • Short, goblin-like worker drones of the Grays, gone rogue


  • Humanoids (really, formerly-humanoid) intelligences who have specifically "spread-networked" their minds, resulting in "fractal existence"


  • Humanoids who achieve a particular percentage body weight

Khodi (Reptilians)

  • Humanoid/dinosaur lab experiments

Zyzyf (Spiderwasps)

  • Wolf-sized spider/wasp hybrids

Void Hives

  • Massive intelligences, including rogue space station AI and abandoned-but-operational ships